Rolfing® SI for Babies, Children, and Families

Starting in 1975 with one of Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s grandchildren, I have worked with hundreds of babies, children, and whole families. My intention and commitment is to see Dr. Rolf’s vision realized in our work and thereby create fundamental changes to the world we live in.

Rolfing Defying Gravity

1975 Robert Toporek began studying directly with Dr Rolf and her son Dick Demmerle. In 1978 Dr Rolf choose Robert to implement a project to demonstrate, document and promote the benefits of Rolfing for babies and children. Over 4,500 men, women, and children have benefited from his work. This article is a comprehensive look at Rolfing beyond the initial series.


Ashley Montague, one of the leading social scientists of our time, wrote a landmark book called Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin.

This is a beginning excerpt from that book.

Results I have Helped Create